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Nutrition and Food Sciences - Houston

The Houston NFS student, faculty and staff will find practical information on nutrition and food sciences.

PubMed/Mesh Simplified Search 2020

 Enter PubMed  Database  then click Advanced. Enter a term (obesity) and click Search. On the right, click ADD then Search to see results page. At the results screen, click limits on the left including  Full text, Publication date (5 years) Humans and  English  as preferred. Clicking additional filters lets you limit by article type, ages of the subjects, and more.  Click an article title, then Find It @TWU button and input your Pioneer Portal to open full text or to submit an interlibrary loan request. Click email to send. One method to save the citation(s) to your RefWorks account is to choose citations in your screen, click Save then RIS and Create File to save to your desktop. Open your RefWorks account, and Import a file from your computer by finding the file you saved on your desktop with Open and Import PubMed database changed in January, 2020 with streamlined searching. Video on PubMed 2020 is available here. See PubMed training here.

Managing Your Research Step by Step Using PICO

Use the EBP Worksheet above to define your research question using PICO(T).

Comparison Groups

NFS Databases

The world's largest collection of electronic, loanable and rare library materials.

Databases A_Z List & E-Journals

Tests and Measurements Databases

Do you need to find a test with internal validity and reliability? Use these two databases to search on your subject (like hand strength) and then see journal articles and more written about  the reliability and validity of such tests, telling you what level of trained person is needed to conduct the test and also revealing the quality of the test, among other essential factors . Find the fulltext of the articles in another database like PubMed, Academic Search, or at TWU Libraries E-Journals (above, on this page), and you have all the great full text you need to succeed! 

Dissertation Databases

Other Useful Databases

Writing a Concept Analysis Paper

First, consult your syllabus and Blackboard documents to see how your faculty define, describe and delineate what this paper needs to be.

Second, consult several reference sources to learn what the term concept analysis and your subject mean.

Third, search in the CINAHL database (seen on this page), search for  the CINAHL subject heading Concept Analysis, find those articles and search for your subject term separately.

Finally, combine the two sets of articles found and refine to the last (5?) years, English language and (?) full text articles to find the articles that discuss your needs, according to your faculty's guidelines.

You are ready to write about these articles for a great concept analysis paper.  Remember to use APA Publication Manual 6th edition (and its update) correctly.

PubMed to RefWorks


Exporting a citation (or more) from PubMed to RefWorks

  1. In your PubMed Results, select a single article (or check the item box next to all the articles you want to save)
  2. In the upper right of the PubMed screen, click Send to revealing Citation Manager (click it)
  3. The item(s) either download on your PC or you get a popup asking if you want to save the files (answer Yes)
  4. Open RefWorks and click References and then Import
  5. At the new window, change your sources to NLM PubMed and PubMed
  6. Click choose file to select your .nbib file and click import; view last imported folder