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ENG 1013 Supplemental Instruction Sessions

ENG 1013 SI students only
Library Study Room #321
3rd floor

TWU Theses and Dissertations

TWU Graduate School:
Thesis & Dissertation Consultation Service:
Graduate Reader/Editor:
Samantha Belson
Graduate Services Analyst/ Thesis Dissertation Formatting
Elizabeth McCuller
TWU Graduate School:
Virtual Consultations available by appointment.

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Why are there two login links?

A new version of RefWorks has been released: RefWorks 3.0. RefWorks Legacy will be phased out at the end of 2018.

How do I know which version to use?

If you are new to RefWorks, you should create your free account in RefWorks 3.0. If you already have a RefWorks account, it is probably in RefWorks Legacy. If you have any trouble logging in, contact the library for assistance.

I have an account in the old version of RefWorks. When do I have to move to the new version?

RefWorks Legacy will be functional until the end of 2018. You may continue to use it until then. At any time, you may transfer your references from RefWorks Legacy to RefWork 3.0 (Note: If you are working on a dissertation or other large project, contact the library before transferring to the new RefWorks).

The two versions of RefWorks do not sync. If you export a new reference into one version, that reference will not automatically show up in the other version. We recommend experimenting with RefWorks 3.0, but it might be best to wait before transferring all of your references.

I have another question.

For additional questions, please contact the library: