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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) Guide

Librarians Partner with DNP Students in Research

Librarians have the following skills and expertise to offer a Literature Review project:

  • understanding of the organization of information
  • knowledge of complex search systems
  • expertise in operation of those search systems
  • ability to identify databases (and other literature sources) most likely to contain information on a given topic
  • can identify appropriate search terms (controlled vocabulary, natural language, subject headings, MARC records, meta data, tags, etc.)
  • can craft complex search strategies with the appropriate sensitivity and specificity to optimize results
  • easily recognize the different resource types: scholarly, popular, trade, gray literature, as well as research study types and literature formats
  • ability to access difficult-to-find resources

With these expert skills, librarians can easily become full partners in Literature Reviews

TWU Nursing Librarians

  Ms Elaine Cox Denton Campus

   Mr. John Humphrey Dallas Campus 214.689.6585

 Ms. Marilyn Goff Houston Campus 713.794.2481