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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) Guide

Quality Improvement Search Strategy

When searching the literature, finding all studies on a topic can be difficult. Professional librarians have created, validated, and published SEARCH FILTERS to help researchers perform comprehensive searches. 

Simply add the FILTER to your research topic (PICO).

PubMed Search Strategy to locate Quality Improvement FILTERS in the literature.

CAUTION: The search strategy below is a quick & dirty search strategy to test the waters. Not validated.

CAUTION: The search strategy below does NOT find Quality Improvement studies. It locates articles that might CONTAIN FILTERS to use in searches.

((("qualities"[All Fields] OR "quality"[All Fields]) OR "quality s"[All Fields]) AND (((((("improve"[All Fields] OR "improved"[All Fields]) OR "improvement"[All Fields]) OR "improvements"[All Fields]) OR "improves"[All Fields]) OR "improving"[All Fields]) OR "improvement"[All Fields])) AND ("search filter"[Title/Abstract] OR "search filters"[Title/Abstract])