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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) Guide

CRDA information

Center for Research Design and Analysis Services: 

  • provides practical research support for Qualitative and Quantitative research projects
  • provides support concerning the research process itself
  • provides support concerning data analysis 
  • FREE to students.

Campus Locations:

  • TWU Dallas Campus -- IHSD 8118, 8120, 8122
  • TWU Denton Campus -- Stoddard Hall 105
  • TWU Houston Campus -- IHSH 10th floor

Office Hours:

  • Dallas -- 7:30am-4pm Monday-Thursday, 9am-4pm Fridays
  • Denton -- 8am-4:30pm Monday-Thursday; 9am-4pm Fridays
  • Houston -- 9am-5pm Monday-Thursday, 9am-4pm Fridays

Online Services (during COVID-19)

  • Remote services operate according to regular office hours

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