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Nursing - Houston: Books

This LibGuide is intended to provide information to Nursing students on the Houston campus.

Suggest A Book or Other Library Purchase


We are ALWAYS looking for new books and materials to add to the TWU Libraries.  To suggest that TWU libraries purchase new materials, first check the TWUniversal to make certain that the material is not already owned by TWU libraries.  If a new copy, videostreaming, or a different format  of a currently owned item is wanted, we are happy to hear from you.  At Ordering Materials, you will find hyperlinks to let your suggestions be known.  You are always welcome to ask Houston ARC staff when we can be of help.

Selected E-Books

  GOLD STANDARD: Cochrane Methodology

Cochrane Handbook of
Systematic Reviews of Interventions

Version 5.0.2
September 2009

Part 2:  General Methods for Cochrane Reviews

Chapter 5: Defining the review question and developing criteria for including studies
Chapter 6: Searching for studies
Chapter 7: Selecting studies and collecting data
Chapter 8: Assessing risk of bias in included studies
Chapter 9: Analysing data and undertaking meta-analyses
Chapter 10: Addressing reporting biases
Chapter 11: Presenting results and ‘Summary of findings’ tables
Chapter 12: Interpreting results and drawing conclusions

  Cochrane Review: Methodology

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Cochrane Reviews by Methodology
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Cochrane Reviews: Methodology

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