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This guide will help students and faculty locate sources for English and literature research.


Sources for ENG 4433.0: Literature & Genocide



Suggested Keywords

When searching for items on genocide, try these keywords:

  • Crimes against humanity
  • Ethnic cleansing
  • Genocide
  • Genocide -- History
  • Genocide -- Political aspects
  • Genocide -- Religious aspects
  • Holocaust
  • Human rights violations
  • Mass murder
  • War crime trials

Local Archives


Search tips to locate Podcasts:

  • For general information, enter this search string in your browser: Podcast: Genocide
  • For information about genocide and religion: Podcast: Genocide and Religion
  • If you don't want information about Rwanda, Podcast: Genocide -Rwanda
  • For a curated list of podcasts on genocide: Best Genocide Podcasts (2018)


News on Video

LibGuides: Genocide