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Nursing - Denton

Nursing research guide for Denton students, faculty, and staff.

NURS 5024

 Texas Woman's University

College of Nursing

NURS 5024

Session 1:   9:00 am   Rm 6500

Session 2: 10:30 am   Rm 6504

   Eula Oliphant photo

   Eula Oliphant
   Health Sciences Librarian     
   Dallas Campus

Elaine Cox photo

Elaine Cox
Health Sciences Librarian
Denton Campus

Help with Search Terms

Controlled Vocabulary

More Helpful Documents

PubMed Videos

Videos - Good things to know

The Search Process: Step-by-Step

Once you have your Research Question, follow these Steps in the Search Process:

Step 1

  • Test your topic with a quick Google Scholar search. Is anything published on your topic?
  • DO NOT look for specific articles YET!   (Studies found in Google may not be peer reviewed or rigorous.)

Step 2

  • List all search terms.
  • Informal terms  *  Formal terms  *  Technical terms   *   SYNONYMS

Step 3

  • Choose where to look for studies.
  • Google Scholar  *  Databases  *  Library Catalog  *  NGC  CDC   NIH   ?

Step 4

  • Determine your search details.
  • Date Range   *    Peer Review   *  Study Methodology  *  Age Range  *  etc.

 Step 5

  • Make a plan.
  • Decide which databases you will search in what specific order, have search terms ready, etc.
  • Work the plan.  Use Boolean logic, limiters,  controlled vocabulary, etc.
  • Be consistent!

Step 6

  • Use RefWorks to archive studies you find. 
  • Then proofread!


SUGGESTED Databases:

Database Videos

Video Icon             

Watch these short videos for help searching databases.

Each Video is under 3 minutes.

If you have questions, contact Elaine Cox       940.898.3708