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Getting Started at the Library

Basic Library Resources

Common information and services you may need.


A TWU ID card is required to borrow items from the TWU Libraries. If you are affiliated with another university or public library and would like to borrow materials, call the Denton Information Desk at (940) 898-3701 for more information.

Course Reserves (Textbooks)

The library has a limited number of course textbooks that can be borrowed for at least two hours.

  • Course reserves must typically be used in the library
  • The library does not have the textbook for all courses. It only has textbooks that a professor or department purchased and added to course reserves

To see if your textbook is on Course Reserve, go to the TWU Libraries homepage, click the "Course Reserves" tab in the search box and then type the book title or your course number into the search bar.

Screenshot of the main search box on the TWU Libraries homepage. An arrow points to the fourth tab labeled "Course Reserves." Another arrow points to the search field, which has the text "ZOOL 3313" typed into it.


If you find the textbook you're looking for:

  1. Check its availability.
  2. Note the book's call number, which is the number in parentheses.
  3. Visit the Information Desk to request the textbook by providing the book's call number to a staff member. You must bring your TWU ID card to borrow items.

Screenshot of a search result in TWUniversal after using the "Course Reserves" search bar to search. Beneath the book's title, author and publication date, an arrow points to the words "Available at..." and another arrow points to text one line beneath: "(ZOOL 3313)" which is the call number for the textbook.


You can borrow a variety of electronics from the TWU Libraries, including:

  • All campuses
    • Laptops 
    • Hotspots 
  • Denton only
    • Phone chargers
    • Headphones
    • Calculators
    • External disc drives
    • Computer mice

Visit the library Information Desk and let a staff member know what you'd like to borrow. Bring your TWU ID card with you.

Books & Media

A TWU ID card is required to borrow materials from the TWU Libraries. There are also options for non-TWU community members to borrow items.