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Boolean Logic and Boolean Operators

All search technology operates using Boolean Logic & Boolean Operators.

Boolean Operators:  AND    OR     NOT


        Advanced Boolean with AND and OR and synonyms

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Peer Review

Peer Review is an editorial process that enhances the quality of research articles.

InterLibrary Loan  (ILL)

Submit requests for articles, book chapters, and books not owned by TWU. The service is free to TWU students.

PubMed MeSH logo      MeSH: Medical Subject Headings

RefWorks logo 2021   RefWorks: Citation Manager Software

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PubMed logo

PubMed contains Bio-Medical-Sciences literature: biology (plants, animals, etc.), medicine (human, animal), sciences (chemical sciences physics, bioengineering, etc). This database is provided by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) through the National Library of Medicine (NLM).

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EBSCOhost logo    Medline with Full Text (EBSCO)

Medline is a subset of the larger PubMed database. Medline focuses on biomedicine and health and the life sciences.

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OVID logo   Medline (OVID)

     Videos from basic to advanced:

 EBSCOhost logo    CINAHL Complete

CINAHL: Cumulative Index of Nursing & Allied Health Literature.

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ProQuest logo       Nursing & Allied Health (ProQuest)

The Nursing & Allied Health (ProQuest) database contains the other half of nursing and allied health literature not included in CINAHL.

EBSCOhost logo     Academic Search Complete

The Academic Search Complete database contains literature on topics from A to Z (Apples to Zebras). It contains a little literature on a lot of topics, but does not dive deeply into any one topic.

     Video demo of database with Limiters and RefWorks

OVID logo     APA PsycInfo 

APA PsycInfo is provided by the American Psychological Association.

     Video demos from basic to advanced:

EBSCOhost logo  ERIC database

ERIC: Education Resource Information Center.

ERIC is sponsored by the Institute of Education Sciences (IES) through the U.S. Department of Education.

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TDS Health database logo  (also knows as STAT!Ref)

The TDS Health (STAT!Ref) database contains the most current editions of a variety of full-text Medical Textbooks on a wide variety of health topics.

This databases also contains the following:

  • Mobile App
  • Stedman's Medical Dictionary
  • Board Vitals
  • EBMcalc (evidence based medical calculators and medical formulae, decision trees and clinical criteria sets)
  • Evidence Alerts
  • Drug Shortages
  • Drug Interactions
  • ICD-9 and ICD-10 Conversion Tools

Access Medicine logo

The Access Medicine database contains the most current editions of a variety of full-text  Medical Textbooks on a wide variety of health sciences topics.

This database contains the following:

  • 2-Minute Medicine
  • DDx
  • Diagnostic Tests
  • Goodman & Gilman's: FDA Approvals
  • Guidelines (inpatient & primary care)
  • QMDT (Quick Medical Diagnosis & Treatment 2021
  • Drug information (Generics, Trade Names, Drug Classes, Patient handouts)
  • Multimedia, Lectures, Physical Exam, Procedural Videos, etc.
  • Cases (Clinical Neuro cases, Internal Med cases, Med Microbiology cases, Pathophys cases, etc.
  • Study Tools (flashcards, review questions, etc.)
  • Patient Education Handouts
  • Hospital Corner

Scopus logo 2021

The Scopus database is a Literature Mapping database.
It may be used as a keyword search database, but the database's purpose is to perform research on a specific article and place that article within a larger literature environment. It's central purpose is not to simply discover articles here and there 

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