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History of Occupational Therapy Guide

HISTORY of Occupational Therapy

Assignment Help

How To Search OT Search Database

OT Search database is a peculiar databases. First of all, the OT Search database is merged with the website of the Wilma West Library in Bethesda, Maryland. When accessing the OT Search database, follow this pathway:

Find OT Search Database:
 TWU Library homepage >
 Databases A to Z >
 OT Search (link in "O" list)

Search Strategy

1. Login to OT Search Database:
2. Click OT Search (center of page)
3. Click PowerSearch link below Search Box
4. Type in: History of Occupational Therapy - select [subject]
5. Type in: 1940 - select [word or phrase]
6. Beside TYPE: -  select [Journal Article]
7. Beside SORT BY: - select [Old to New]

Modify:  change 1940 to 1941 then to 1942 and so on...)   

HISTORY Concept - use these Search Term Synonyms:

 Table of possbile search terms

When searching for information by decade, you can search 2 distinct ways:

1. YEAR  as  Search  Term
    Method: Type 1943 into an available search box. This method will check for articles written with 1945 in the title or abstract, or the articles will be about the year 1945.

2. PUBLICATION  DATE  limiter.
    Method: Look for database textboxes giving date range options:  
           [ year ]   to  [ year ]
This method allows you to see articles actually published within those year ranges.

Try one of these SUBJECT phrases:


Choose SUBJECT from the adjacent drop-down menu.














Then try 1941, then 1942, then 1943, and so on...

Take a SUBJECT search phrase from above and pair with the term 'history', then sort by OLD to NEW:

subject:                 PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE
word or phrase:   history
type:                        journal article
sort by:                   Old to New

OT Search Database does NOT contain full-text.

Steps to get Full-Text

1. Perform a search in OT Search database. (Power Search)
2. Click on Item Title link.
3. Click on CATALOG RECORD link.
4. Note citation information
    = article title
    = journal title
    = volume
    = issue
    = date (year, month)
    = pages (physical description)
       OT Search database article record

1. Go to TWUniversal Advanced Search
2. In textbox 1, type in the author's last name. In the adjacent drop-down menu, select author/creator.
3. In textbox 2, type in the article title. In the adjacent drop-down menu, select in the title.

    OT Search Database for full text

4. Click SEARCH.
If TWU Libraries own that article, you will see a link to the database where that article PDF is located.

       American Occupational Therapy Foundation logo

       American Journal of Occupational Therapy


and more OT Journals...


and many, many more...     Search TWUniversal like this:

Occupational Therapy Journal Search in TWUniversal Catalog

"The Depression Years: 1929-1941: Occupational Therapy - A Historical Perspective"
Rerek, MD
American Journal of Occupational Therapy
1971 Jul-Aug.  Volume 25, Issue 4, pages 231-233

[No author]
Occupational Therapy and Rehabilitation
1940. Volume 19, Issue 1, pages 27-34

AOTA Official Documents
in American Journal of Occupational Therapy
-- published annually
-- Issue 6, Nov-Dec

Important Article Series:
New Zealand Journal of Occupational Therapy
"Background Events: 1940-1949" and so on by decade...
Must use Document Delivery request.
May not be available free of charge.
Only request 1 article per decade.

Eleanor Clark Slagle Lectures:
in American Journal of Occupational Therapy
--published annually
--Nov-Dec issue 

Presidential Address Series:   in OT Search database, use  [ Subject ]  PRESIDENTIAL ADDRESSES, AOTA
Occupational Therapy and Rehabilitation
     --published annually
     --usually found in Issue 6
     --through 1938
AJOT-American Journal of Occupational Therapy
     --re-titled, "Nationally Speaking: Presidential Address"
     --usually in the December issue