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Health Studies

Health studies research guide for TWU students, faculty and staff.

2019 Novel Coronavirus, Wuhan, China (2019-nCoV)

CDC webpage concerning Wuhan Coronavirus 2019nCoV

World Health Organization Novel Coronavirus webpage

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NIH officials discuss novel coronavirus that recently emerged in China: Research underway to address latest viral threat.

NIH / PubMed Articles:

Dept of Health Services Texas

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Center for Systems Science and Engineering 

Complete data set is downloadable as a Google Sheet.

Date/Time Stamp to assess how current the statistics are can be found at the bottom right on the Dashboard.

Statistical Sources:

  • WHO
  • CDC (United States)
  • ECDC (European CDC)
  • CCDC (China CDC)
  • NHC (China)
  • DXY (China)
Use these terms:
  • COVID-19
  • 2019-nCoV
  • #2019nCoV
  • #COVID-19
  • 2019 Novel Coronavirus
  • Wuhan coronavirus
  • Wuhan virus
  • Wuhan seafood market pneumonia virus

RECOMMENDED PubMed Search Strategy:

  • 2019-nCoV OR COVID-19 OR (wuhan[tiab] AND coronavirus[tiab])


  • 2019 novel coronavirus disease (entry term - synonym)
  • 2019 novel coronavirus infection (entry term - synonym)
  • 2019-nCoV disease (entry term - synonym)
  • 2019-nCoV infection (entry term - synonym)
  • coronavirus disease 2019 (entry term - synonym)
  • coronavirus infection 2019 (entry term - synonym)
  • MeSH Descriptor: Betacoronavirus
  • MeSH Descriptor: Pneumonia, Viral
  • MeSH Descriptor: Coronavirus Infections
  • severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2

Google Scholar logo 2020

Google Scholar Search Strategy:

(2019-nCoV OR "novel coronavirus" OR virus OR "seafood market pneumonia") wuhan 

  • Date range:  2019-2020
ADVANCED SEARCH in PubMed or Medline for Clinicians or Librarians

MedlinePlus provides health information to the general public in reading formats that are easier to understand. 

Below is the link to the MedlinePlus webpage containing resources about COVID-19 that will be easy to read.