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Health Studies

Health studies research guide for TWU students, faculty and staff.

The following databases contain information for research topics in Health Studies. Hover over a database name for details. If these databases are not adequate, please go to the Article/Database tab above for more database ideas. For a more comprehensive list of databases, go to the Articles / Databases tab.

Example Database Search for articles:

Database Search Example with Boolean

Example Google Scholar Search for articles:

Google Scholar Search example with Boolean


Effective Searching must be planned and methodical. Below are suggested steps for searching.

1. Know your topic. Search for Background Information.
Dates, names, spellings, definitions, symptoms, etc.

2. List all the search terms for the topic you can think of.
Think SYNONYMS: Formal, Informal, and Technical

3. Ask yourself where might information on your topic be located. 
       Internet? Books? Newspapers? Journals? 

4. Choose your search tool.
      TWUniversal?  A Database?  Google?  Google Scholar?

5. Decide which information format you want.
Article?  Video?  Book Chapter?  Audio file?  Image?

6. Make a plan.
     Database  +  search terms X, Y & Z  +  peer-review + last 5 years

7. Explore your topic in several places. 
      Test search terms in Google, in Google Scholar, and in several databases. Analyze your results. Which search terms work best?

8. Search again and again and again.
      Search using synonyms in different places and in different databases.

9. Archive your citations in RefWorks.
      Let RefWorks create your Bibliography automatically.

10. Can't find what you are looking for?
      Ask the Librarian assigned to this Subject Guide for help.