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Physical Therapy - Dallas

Physical therapy research guide for TWU Dallas students, faculty, and staff.

What Is ORCID?

Sometimes your professional body of work can be inadvertently split up because:

  • Your name changes, e.g., a maiden name to a married name.
  • Your name is listed differently, e.g., John Humphrey --> John J. Humphrey.
  • You change jobs to another institution.

In these cases, and others, databases can mistakenly attribute your work as being by two different authors. What this means for you is a potential loss of credit for your hard work and research. Your H-index (how well you are doing as a published author) is affected adversely because not all your articles are being taken into account.

ORCID provides a persistent digital identifier (an ORCID id) that you own and control, and that distinguishes you from every other researcher.

In essence, ORCID gives you a unique, digital, fingerprint that you can attach to all your work, making sure that it is always correctly assigned to you.

How Do I Register for ORCID?

  1. Fill out the information form. Click "Next."
  2. ORCID will automatically look for authors that might be you. If none of the suggested authors are you then click on "None of these are me, continue with registration."

Orchid Registration 3

  1. Create a password. Click "Next."
  2. Select your visibility settings and click on the consent boxes.

Orchid registration

  1. Fill out your personal bibliography page and click on "Next."
  2. You will see in the top left hand corner of this page that your ORCID id has been assigned.