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ART 5903: Special Topics - Illustration

Archetypes and Myths

For the Sandra Cisneros project involving narrative Illustration, you may want to research archetypal and mythic themes. The writings of Joseph Campbell and Carl Jung concern archetypes as a recurring pattern of character, symbol, or situation found in the myths, religion, and stories of all cultures. Margaret Mark's book, The Hero and the Outlaw, describes how successful brands effectively exploit archetypes.

Search strategies for archetypes and myths:

  1. Search terms:
    1. Carl Jung AND archetype
    2. Joseph Campbell AND archetype
    3. "archetype AND myth"
    4. archetype AND myth AND identity
  2. Databases at>Databases:
    1. Academic Search Complete: Humanities, Arts, Sciences, and Social Sciences
    2. Credo Reference: 900+ reference sources
    3. GenderWatch: Authoritative perspectives on gender, women's studies, gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender topics
    4. New York Times: Newspaper articles on relevant topics
    5. PsycARTICLES: Articles on the science of psychology
    6. Psychology in Video: This streaming site has a large and diverse collection
    7. TWUniversal: Articles, books, streaming media


Suggested readings:

1. Carl Jung's Man and His Symbols

2. Joseph Campbell's Hero with a Thousand Faces

3. Margaret Mark's The Hero and the Outlaw