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ART 5903: Special Topics - Illustration

Identity Theory

Search strategies for identity theory using subscription databases 

Listed below are search terms and databases to locate information on identity theory.

  1.  Search terms:
    1. "4th wave feminism" OR "Fourth-wave feminism"
    2. "Anzaldúa, Gloria" OR "Gloria Anzaldúa"
    3. "Bly, Robert" OR "Robert Bly"
    4. "Border identity" OR "Border identity politics"
    5. "Chicana AND feminism" OR "Chicano culture"
    6. "Cisneros, Sandra" OR "Sandra Cisneros" AND criticism
    7. "Confidence gap" OR "self-esteem"
    8. "Immigrant experience" AND "United States"
    9. Intersectionality
    10. "LGBTQIA identity" OR "LGBTQ identity"
    11. Myth And "The American Dream"
    12. "Toxic masculinity" OR "Toxic femininity"
  2. Databases: These databases are located at>Databases