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ART 5903: Special Topics - Illustration

Subject Guide

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ART 5903: Special Topics - Illustration

This course guide has sources for your assignment on developing themes and concepts for narrative illustrations based on "The Monkey Garden," chapter 38 in Sandra Cisneros' House on Mango Street. 

Illustration: Jacqueline Yu

Sandra Cisneros

Search strategies for biographical and critical information on Sandra Cisneros using TWUniversal,

  1. Search one:
    2. Best databases for "Sandra Cisneros": Credo, Literature Online, MLA International Bibliography, New York Times
  2. Search two:
    1. TWUniversal>Select Advanced Search
    2. Use the Any field pull-down menu, select Subject
    3. Enter "Sandra Cisneros"
  3. Search three:
    1. TWUniversal for "Sandra Cisneros" AND biography OR criticism
    2. Filter your search: articles, books, dissertations, electronic books
  4. Sandra Cisneros online:
    1. Sandra Cisneros website:
    2. Facebook:
    3. Instagram: #sandracisneros and 

Identity Theory

Search strategies for identity theory using subscription databases 

Listed below are search terms and databases to locate information on identity theory.

  1.  Search terms:
    1. "4th wave feminism" OR "Fourth-wave feminism"
    2. "Anzaldúa, Gloria" OR "Gloria Anzaldúa"
    3. "Bly, Robert" OR "Robert Bly"
    4. "Border identity" OR "Border identity politics"
    5. "Chicana AND feminism" OR "Chicano culture"
    6. "Cisneros, Sandra" OR "Sandra Cisneros" AND criticism
    7. "Confidence gap" OR "self-esteem"
    8. "Immigrant experience" AND "United States"
    9. Intersectionality
    10. "LGBTQIA identity" OR "LGBTQ identity"
    11. Myth And "The American Dream"
    12. "Toxic masculinity" OR "Toxic femininity"
  2. Databases: These databases are located at>Databases

Visual Research

Search strategies for visual research on mythological and cultural themes in narrative art 

Listed below are search terms and databases to locate information for visual research on mythological and cultural themes in narrative art.

  1. Search terms:
    1. Chicano/Latino murals
    2. Diego Rivera
    3. Frida Kahlo
    4. José Clemente Orozco
    5. Juana Alicia
    6. De Colores Collective
    7. Dallas Latino Cultural Center
    8. Kara Walker
    9. Tom Feelings
    10. Faith Ringgold
    11. George Tooker
    12. Francisco Goya
    13. Artemisia Gentileschi
    14. EB Lewis
    15. John Sandford
    16. Ekua Holmes
    17. Rose O'Neill


Databases at>Databases: