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Manuscripts & Abstracts

How to write a manuscript and have it published

Manuscript Abstract Structure

A manuscript abstract provides a brief overview of the entire research study. It should be able to "stand alone."
Below are elements of a manuscript abstract:
  • Short statement of context and background for the topic or issue. Justify the study.
  • Statement of the study purpose / aim / objective / hypothesis / research question.
  • Brief description of the basic procedures followed.
  • Brief description of the study participants / subjects / population and their selection.
  • Brief description of the study setting.
  • Brief mention of research method as well as the methods of measurement, analytical methods.
  • Brief overview of main findings (effect size, statistical significance, etc.)
  • Brief notation of the study limitations.
  • Brief statement of principle conclusions.
  • Emphasizes the “new” or the “important.”

Last item of the Abstract:
If archiving STUDY DATA to meet Open Data requirements, provide the persistent data set identifier, repository name, and number.

Once the full manuscript has been written, compare the manuscript to the abstract. Be sure the two are consistent