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Manuscripts & Abstracts

How to write a manuscript and have it published

Poster Abstract Structure

  • 10-12 words
  • Announce study topic / issue / problem
  • Use controlled vocabulary to enhance retrieval
  • Brief description of the topic / issue / problem and need for the study (essential message).
  • Brief background statement to set the stage and place the study in context.
  • Brief statement of the aim of the study.
  • Description of the research study design.
  • Description of the study setting.
  • Description of the population sampling; selection.
  • Brief listing of variables and how measured.
  • Identification of statistical method used to analyze data.
  • Brief summary of relevant results and main findings only.
  • Briefly allude to variables and limitations.
  • Briefly allude to main and most important results.
  • Presentation of data summary numerically with statistical significance / power.
  • Statement of significance of results.
  • Brief statement of generalizability of the results.
  • Brief statement addressing weaknesses of the study.
  • Statement concerning implications for practice, implications for future research, and implications for policy modifications.
  • “Take-home” message.

NOTE: Authorship

  • List all authors
  • 1st author will make “oral presentations”