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Manuscripts & Abstracts

How to write a manuscript and have it published

Research Poster Structure

Suggestions for Structure and Content:
  • Use an existing TWU Poster Template
  • Title must be eye-catching, concise, and precise (2 lines or less)
Introduction section:
  • Define the issue; statement of the problem
  • Statement of Purpose: Research Question / Hypothesis
  • Brief background info
Method section:
  • Identify the research method
  • Identify all materials, tools, and equipment
  • Brief description of procedure
  • Include images of tools used, etc.
Results section:
  • Provide qualitative/quantitative results
  • Present analysis that addresses research question / hypothesis
  • Include Charts / Tables / Images that illustrate important concepts
Discussion section:
  • Interpret results; place in context; relate back to research question / hypothesis
  • Point out relevance / significance of results / findings
  • Identify limitations
  • Highlight future directions (implications, future research, policy changes, etc.)
Conclusion section:
  • Concise summary
Additional text:  (optional -- see journal guidelines)
  • 5-10 citations (optional)
  • Acknowledgements of support or assistance (optional)
  • Statement of Financial support (optional)
Visual suggestions:
  • choose a color scheme
  • organize content linearly (easy-to-follow organizational structure)
  • use clear, illustrative graphics