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NFS 3323: Food Science

Company / Product Information

Resources for researching company, consumption, and market information for a food product.

Company Information

Databases where you can find company information. These databases contain very little information about private companies.

Market / Consumption Data

Databases containing industry and market information. Most data is in broad categories, such as "soup" or "pizza."

Citing Statista Sources (AMA)
Most information in Statista is from a report or magazine-like source. For much of the data in Statista, you can cite it like a magazine or newspaper article:

   Author(s). Title of data. Title of Publication. Month Day, Year: Page number or range.

   Annual frequency of frozen pizza purchase in the United States in 2019, by female head age. Frozen & Refrigerated Buyer. July 17, 2019: 18.

If there is no individual author listed, skip the author portion of the citation and move on to the next piece (Title of data). If other citation information, like page numbers, is missing, skip that piece of information and move on to the next piece. If you'd like more details or examples, read Citing Sources from Statista (AMA) (Google Doc).