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Occupational Therapy - Houston

Occupational Therapy Subject Guide for the Houston Campus

PubMed/Mesh Simplified Search 2020

 Enter PubMed  Database  then click Advanced. Enter a term (obesity) and click Search. On the right, click ADD then Search to see results page. At the results screen, click limits on the left including  Full text, Publication date (5 years) Humans and  English  as preferred. Clicking additional filters lets you limit by article type, ages of the subjects, and more.  Click an article title, then Find It @TWU button and input your Pioneer Portal to open full text or to submit an interlibrary loan request. Click email to send. One method to save the citation(s) to your RefWorks account is to choose citations in your screen, click Save then RIS and Create File to save to your desktop. Open your RefWorks account, and Import a file from your computer by finding the file you saved on your desktop with Open and Import PubMed database changed in January, 2020 with streamlined searching. Video on PubMed 2020 is available here. See PubMed training here.

Why Use Multiple Resources?

Utilizing multiple resources, including a variety of databases and journals, give researchers more comprehensive insight into their field of interest. Some databases provide a breadth of literature, while other databases may choose to focus on a specific aspect. Expanding your search strategy to accommodate multiple resources offer a greater chance of success in your research efforts. 

Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

If you need a full text article or book that TWU Libraries does not own, you can usually borrow it without extra cost. To learn more or to submit an interlibrary loan (ILL) request, please click here. Any article can be emailed to you and books are mailed to the ARC for safe pickup, checkout and return.


These collections of journal articles, books and more are highly authoritative, valid materials that relate to your and your faculty's educational and research interests. A brief EBSCO video training on some of the databases is available here. The complete listing of all databases , please review our A to Z List of Databases.

If you need to locate a test with internal validity and reliability, use these databases listed below to search for your subject (such as hand strength) and find articles that discuss the reliability and validity of those tests. You may need to obtain access to the full-text version through one of our databases, through TWU Library Search. 


These lists of journals represent a core selection that pertain to the subject area. If you wish to find more journals, please look in our Journal Search.