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Nursing - Annual Colloquium 2021

Advanced RefWorks

​RefWorks 3.0

The TWU Libraries will transition to RefWorks 3.0 by the end of 2017.       Watch for announcements.

For help using RefWorks, see the Libraries' RefWorks 3.0 webpages below.

Folder Structure
Use a folder system for organizing your research.

           RefWorks folder structure example

Folder Icon   MAIN FOLDER -- Dissertation Topic Folder - The main topic of the dissertation is the head folder.

  Folder Icon    SUB-FOLDER  
      Dissertation Subtopic 1, 2, 3, etc.
 - Beneath the main folder, add as many subtopic folders as needed. These subtopics may be background information, research methodology, statistical information or subject chapters, etc. You decide. 

Folder Icon

      ILL Requests:
 Hold the citations of articles and books that require TWU's ILL service. After you receive the full-text item, move the citation back to the appropriate subject folder. This process tracks requests and ensures you receive all ILLs.

Folder Icon

Delete or Trash - Do NOT delete citations --- even if you think you do not need them! Hold on to any citations that seem to be irrelevant. Later on you may discover you need or want them. This folder is a safe spot.

Folder Icon

 Hold all the citations used in your final dissertation manuscript. As you write, move or copy the citation to this folder. Once you've finished writing, your bibliography will be readymade!

Folder Icon

 - Hold interesting or tangential articles for future research.

Create a folder:

Click the Down Arrow beside My Folders to expand the options. Click + Add a Folder. Then name your folder and click SAVE.


Create a sub-folder:

Hover your mouse over the folder name. Three vertical dots will appear on the right. Click on the dots, then click on Add subfolder. Name your folder and click SAVE.

               RefWorks 3.0 Folder Menu