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Health Care Administration - Houston

Health care administration research guide for TWU students, faculty and staff.

I Need a Few Good Articles, Please!

First, get your subject in mind, like "Could obesity be caused by a virus?" This is the most important step (and the hardest)

Next, try the world's biggest health sciences database, called PubMed. Do an Advanced (click it) search; input obesity, click ADD input viruses, click ADD & click Search. Refine the results on the left of the Results page by year (last 5 years) full text, language, ages, controlled clinical trials or whatever you prefer to find a few good articles.

Click Send to and send to your RefWorks account to help design a beautiful References list to attach to your great paper.

Don't forget RefWorks 3.0 to help you manage your research!

Selected Help for PubMed, MEDLINE and Cochrane Database Use

The Cochrane Library is a valuable and different database  in health sciences research, described here with training available

The PubMed searching Help Guide here and more searching help on PubMed and MEDLINE are  here

A PubMed MeSH 44 minute controlled vocabulary tutorial video produced by the National Library of Medicine is here.

Advanced Searching in PubMed: see and also here

Is part of your article citation missing?  Use PubMed's tool to find the full citation: Single citation matcher

Learn how to save PubMed citations to RefWorks or another citation manager here

Search PubMed in a language other than English, including Spanish, French or others at BABEL PubMed

Here is a search guide to Finding Nursing Articles Fast in PubMed 2022

What does the National Library of Medicine do? See here

PubMed Searching Management

APA 7th ed. Style and DOIs

The American Psychological Association (APA) Publication Manual, 6th edition, published in 2010, has been updated with the 7th edition, published in 2020.  See APA 7th to review the differences between the 6th and 7th editions.  Check with your faculty to determine which edition to use.  Both editions are available through TWU libraries.

Are you familiar with RefWorks?  RefWorks is a software that will help you in your research, holding onto your citations, collaborate research with others, and produce beautiful APA 7th edition (and many other styles) of references lists! Look at RefWorks 3.0 and register to start saving time and getting fantastic support from this free product available to you through TWU Libraries!