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NFS 3173: Culture & Food

Accessing Books

Finding and Accessing Print Books

1. Write down the book's call number. This is like the book's address.

Screenshot of a book description in TWUniversal. At the bottom of the description is the call number circled in green: TX717 .L37.

2. Check which floor and collection the book is located in. This will ensure you look in the correct location.

Screenshot of a book description in TWUniversal. Following the words "Available at" are the words "Denton Blagg-Huey Library Woman's Collection - Cookbook" in a green box. In the line below, also in a green box, are the words "1st Floor."

3. Use the call number to find the book on the shelf. 

  • First, find the correct section. If your call number begins with TX, find that section first. The sections are organized alphabetically.
  • Second, look at the 1-4 numbers after the letters before the period. All books in the TX section are organized numerically.
  • Third, look at the single letter following the period. If you're looking in the TX717 section, and the next letter is .L, then look alphabetically to find L. 
  • Finally, look at the number(s) after the .L (or whatever letter you have). These are organized numerically like percentages. Remember that with percentages, 0.25 = 25% and 0.46 = 46% and so on. So if your call number is TX717 .L37, the .L37 would come after .L212, .L369, and .L31.

4. If you cannot find the book, ask a library employee for help.

5. Once you've found the book, you can either (1) take it to a scanner to scan a couple of pages or (2) take the book and your TWU ID card to the Information Desk (1st Floor) to borrow the entire book. Note: Most cookbooks cannot be checked out, but they can be scanned.


The video below is not for TWU, but TWU Libraries use the same call number system, so the process is very similar.

Accessing Electronic Books

1. If searching in TWUniversal, click the "Online access" hyperlink beneath the book information.

Screenshot of an e-book in TWUniversal. Beneath the book title and publication information are the words "Online Access" circled in green.

2. You may have to log in using your TWU username and password.

3. With most e-books, there is no need to download it. You can simply Read Online when you need to access the book.

Screenshot from an e-book database. Beneath a thumbnail of the book are two buttons. The top button has the words "Read Online" and is circled in green. The button beneath that one says "Download Book."

4. Most e-books allow you to either search within the book for something specific (1) or browse through book chapters (2) to find what you need.

Screenshot from an e-book database. Beneath a thumbnail of the book and the book description is a search bar with the words "Search within book" with a green circle with a 1 in it. Beneath that are the words "Table of Contents" with a green circle with a 2 in it.

5. If you encounter any technical errors or need help accessing an e-book, notify the Information Desk at 940-898-3701 or