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NFS 3173: Culture & Food

Cultural Books

Cookbooks don't always describe the culture surrounding the food. You may need to locate books about that culture in order to find information about the relationship between food and that culture.


Find Books about Countries and Cultures

  1. Go to the TWU Libraries homepage.
  2. In the TWUniversal search bar, type the name of the culture or country you're researching.
  3. In the search filters, under "Classification LCC," select G - Geography. Anthropology. Recreation.
  4. After clicking the previous filter, scroll down to that same filter again. You'll see a more detailed options. Select both of the following filters under "Classification LCC":
    • G - Geography. Anthropology. Recreation. - Anthropology
    • G - Geography. Anthropology. Recreation. - Manners and customs (General)
  5. You may need to use additional filters to find what you're looking for. Look at your options under the "Subject" filter and see if any of those are useful.


Browse Books about Countries and Cultures

Sometimes searching online can be more difficult than going to the library and browsing. There are two ways to browse:

  • Find a book about your country or culture that's in the G call number section. Write down the call number, go find the book, and then look at all of the books near that book. Their topics will be very similar.
  • Go to the library and look around in any of the following sections:
    • Customs related to children, marriage, eating and drinking, funeral customs, etc. - Call numbers GT2400 - 3390.5
    • Customs related to town life, court life, festivals, holidays, ceremonies of royalty, etc. - Call numbers GT3400 - 5090
    • Cultural traits relating to food, shelter, fire, tools, etc. - GN406 - 442