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Why Use LibKey?

LibKey Nomad is a browser extension that gives you one-click access to full text scholarly content from TWU Libraries when searching online. allows you to search for articles by DOI (digital object identifier) or PMID (PubMed ID) and directly download resources available through TWU Libraries.

How Do I...?

  1. Download the extension for your internet browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Brave, or Vivaldi) using the above link.
  2. Select "Texas Woman's University" as your organization.

Screen grab of university selection page for LibKey Nomad

When you are on a page where you can download an article or take another action, the LibKey Nomad button (a small green flame) will appear.

Publisher Websites

On websites sites such as SpringerLink, you'll see a LibKey Nomad button in the lower left corner. 

Screen grab of SpringerLink showing LibKey download button in lower left hand corner

If the article is not available through TWU Libraries, the button will read "Access Options." Clicking on the button will open the TWU Libraries catalog and allow you to request the resource through interlibrary loan.


Search results in PubMed appear similar to those in Wikipedia, except you may also see links to complete journal issues. This allows for browsing the table of contents for the issue in which an article appears.

Screen grab of LibKey buttons in search results in PubMed


LibKey Nomad options appear when viewing the list of references for Wikipedia entries. If the full text is available through TWU Libraries, a "Download PDF" button will appear; if not, an "Access Options" button will appear. An "Article Link" button may appear for citations that are from sources that do not support direct linking to the PDF.

Screen grab of Wikipedia with LibKey buttons to access resources directly

Go to the website and search a DOI or PMID. The first time you use (or after you clear your browser's cache), select "Texas Woman's University" as your organization.

Screen grab of landing page for

In the below example, for DOI 10.3390/medicines8070037, the result allows for downloading a PDF, reading it online, or browsing the journal that the article was published in.

Screen grab of DOI result in

You can also search for DOIs or PMIDs directly by typing "" into your browser, followed by the identifying information. For example, search for the article above by entering the following URL: