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Primary and Secondary Sources

This guide explains the difference between primary and secondary sources. Students will learn how to locate primary and secondary sources by viewing the examples, watching the video tutorial, and using the recommended databases.


Primary and Secondary Sources Databases


Searching for Primary Sources

A good place to start searching for primary sources is to select a database from the list below, Suggested Databases. Though not exclusively primary sources, the databases have been selected as primary source databases because they contain archival materials. When searching for primary sources, use the keyword in the first search box then in the following search box, use primary source material format words like "autobiography," "correspondence," "diary," "letter," or "speech."


Another way to search for primary sources in databases is to use the Primary Source Document option. In most EbscoHOST databases, there is a Publication Type box with a Primary Source Document option.


Suggested Primary & Secondary Sources Databases

Primary Source Databases


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