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CHEM 5101: Chemistry Seminar

Where to Search

Find a specific article or book. Copy-and-paste or type the title into the TWUniversal search bar on the library homepage. This will search all databases at once and is the quickest way to locate a specific article or book by title.

Screenshot of the TWU libraries homepage. On the tabbed search bar, the first tab, "TWUniversal" is selected. In the search bar, the long title of a biology article is typed.


Find a specific database to search. Find specific databases by navigating to the Databases tab on the library homepage and typing the database name into the search bar. 

Screenshot of TWU libraries homepage. The "Databases" tab, second on the tabbed search bar, is selected. The Databases search bar as the text "PubMed" typed in it.


Find an article or book that TWU doesn't have. If you need an article or book but cannot access it, try the following:

Need Help?

The Chemistry Librarian is here to help. If you need help getting started, locating something or accessing something, contact your librarian.