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CHEM 5101: Chemistry Seminar

Graduate Study Space

The Graduate Study Space is located on the third floor of the library. The space may be accessed by graduate students by swiping their TWU student ID at the door. Features include:

  • Three individual study spaces. First come, first served.
  • Desktop computer with scanner.
  • Small kitchenette with Keurig. Individuals must bring their own Keurig pods.

For full list of features and policies:

Photo inside of the graduate study space. A table with four rolling chairs is in the foreground. In the background are four lounge chairs with built-in mini desks. A pre-fabricated glass wall with privacy glass separates the graduate space from the main library areas.

Photo of the graduate study space. On the right are four maroon lounge chairs with built-in mini desks and two ottomans. On the left are white storage cabinets and a small kitchenette with an instant coffee maker.

Photo inside of the graduate study space. In the center of the room is a table with four rolling chairs. Near the table is a dry erase board on wheels. In the back of the room against the wall is one desktop computer and a scanner. To the right of the room are three doors leading to small individual study spaces.