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Suffrage in Texas Expanded (SITE)

SITE is an inclusive chronicle of the struggle for women’s suffrage in Texas.

S  I  T  E   Native American

Suffrage in Texas Expanded

Suffrage in Texas Expanded (SITE) is an ongoing project to develop a digital research collection that consists of a webliography of resources that chronicle a more inclusive vision of the struggle for women’s suffrage in Texas.

Native American Voting in Texas

One of the key issues within this project on BIPOC suffrage is the lack of sources on Native women. Therefore, these enclosed additional readings will offer context for the lack of Native women participation in Texas politics. Mainly the failure of an active Native participation in voting is due to the re-organization practices by the Texas government. 

According to the Bureau of Indian Affairs, there are 574 federally recognized tribes. However, not all tribes have a claimed space within the USA and they each have separate cultural identities. Membership to a tribe does not designate service unless it has federal recognition. There are currently 3 recognized tribes in the state of Texas.

Alabama-Coushatta Tribe of Texas

Rt 3 Box 640

Livingston, TX 77351

Kickapoo Traditional Tribe of Texas

HC1 Box 9700

Eagle Pass, TX 78852

Ysleta del Sur Pueblo

PO Box 17579, Ysleta Stn

El Paso, TX 79917