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BIOL 5503: Research Methods

Citation Managers

Citation managers are a central place for you to gather and organize references for a research paper. Citation managers can save you time by creating automatic references and in-text citations. Automatic citations frequently have errors, so you must check their accuracy before submitting a research paper.


Citation Managers at TWU

Which citation manager should you use?

This depends on which one you like more.

RefWorks has more citation styles and is integrated with more article databases than EndNote Basic. However, the RefWorks automatic in-text citation tool for Microsoft Word and Google Docs can be glitchy and frustrating.

EndNote Basic has the 21 most-used citation styles but cannot create unique citation styles, which are often required by journals. However, its "Cite While You Write" tool for automatic in-text citations in Microsoft Word tends to be less glitchy than RefWorks.