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Sharing Your Research

The guide is to educate graduate students and early career research on publishing, copyright, and impact metrics.

Research Data Management

Don't let your data overwhelm you!

Data can feel overwhelming, but with a strong data management plan you will be organized and confident in the management of your data.CC BY 2.5 Denmark license
Illustration by Jørgen Stamp.

Helpful Tip: Follow the Rule of 3

A good rule to follow when managing your data is the rule of 3. Keep three copies of your data:

  • Two copies onsite
  • One copy offsite

1. Laptop
2. External hard drive
3. Cloud storage

Helpful Tip: Create a Data management Plan

Data management plans outline what a researcher is going to do with their data during their research and after the research is concluded. Data management plans should include:

  • the types of data that will be collected or created
  • were the data will be stored and the organization of the data
  • the roles and responsibilities of research team members
  • how the data will be accessed and shared
  • policies for the reuse of the data
  • plans for the long term storage and/or archiving of the data