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Health Care Administration - Dallas

Health care administration research guide for TWU students, faculty, and staff.

Recommended Resources

Health Care Resources

Business and Statistics

Accessing Journals through TWU Libraries

Look for relevant journals by entering in their title, a general subject such as occupational or physical therapy, or the topic you are investigating, e.g. stroke.

Screen grab of TWU Libraries website showing journal search

Common Journals for HCA Topics

Accessing eBooks through TWU Libraries

Screen grab of search engine on TWU Libraries website

  • Once you have your search results, use the options on the left to select for "full text online" and "books." (You can access these options through the filter or funnel icon toward the top of your screen on your mobile device.)
  • Click on "apply filters" to see your new results.

Screen grab of TWU Libraries online catalog and filters for full text online and books

Other Ways to Search for eBooks

Background Reading

Texas Health Data