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SCI 1123: General Life Science

Sciences Librarian

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Suzi Rumohr
Texas Woman's University Libraries
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Denton , Texas 76204
Phone/Text/Fax: 940-898-3297

About This Guide

This guide suggests trustworthy websites and library databases that will help you complete the Genetic Disorder Research project for SCI 1123. You will have to answer the project questions using a variety of websites and databases. You will not find all of your answers in just one place.

If you get have any questions or get stuck as you search, ask the Science Librarian for help!


Choose a Genetic Disorder

The first step to any research project is selecting a topic. View the list of genetic disorders in the link below to get started.

Image of a young woman with one blue and one green eye.

Image: One blue eye, one brown eye; Photo credit: Pedro Blanco (2008)