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DH 4823: Clinical Case Study Dev. (Teague)

When searching for full-text articles, click the PDF link  PDF full text graphic to access the full-text article.


If there is no PDF, locate the Find Full-Text link  Find full text graphic. Follow these steps.

     1. Locate and click on the Find Full-Text link for your article:

           Find full text article example

     2.  Click on the Database link where the full-text article is held.

          Database link for full text

   3. Click on the PDF link in the database.

          Download PDF link on database


If you cannot access the full-text, consider submitting an "inter-library loan" (ILL) request.  

Sometimes your librarian can help locate full-text even if it appears not to be available -- so feel free to get in touch before submitting an ILL request.

Google Scholar logo

Google Scholar is a subset of big Google. It searches for items on the Internet that are "published." 

Can't find full text?  Submit a request. It's free!

Interlibrary loan logo        TWU InterLibrary Loan        Interlibrary loan request logo

When TWU does not have your article full-text, you can request full-text using the TWU Libraries InterLibrary Loan service.

Below are links to information concerning InterLibrary Loan.

​* For Students, Faculty, & Staff only.     * Register for an account using TWU Portal name & password    
* Full Text arrives in your email     * Track ILL Requests (like UPS or FedEx)     * Delivery within 24 hours is our goal  
* No ILL for Reserve items     * No ILL for Textbooks     * No ILL for Woman's Collection items     * No ILL for videos or CDs 


1. On the TWU Libraries homepage, click the ILL request button. (right side of webpage)

Interlibrary loan request logo

2. Login using TWU Portal Name and Password.

Interlibrary loan webpage graphic

3. Fill out ILL account form.

ILL Account Creation form

4. Click Submit Information button. (see above)

Your ILL account will look like this.

Example ILL Account