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BIOL 4681: Biology Seminar

Can't access the article you need?

If you have trouble accessing a specific article, ask the library for help or try the following:

Access Full Text Articles

Accessing Articles


Find PDF Link

Most databases only show a description of each article. To access the full article, you must locate the PDF. The location and appearance of the PDF link is different in each database. Below are some examples:

In EBSCOhost databases

PDF Full Text

In ScienceDirect


In SciTech Premium Collection

PDF link example


No PDF Link?

Sometimes an article is discoverable in a database but doesn't "live" in that database. If you can't find a PDF link, look for a link that says something like "Find Full Text." This link will either take you to the database where the article lives, or it will prompt you to submit an "Article Delivery Request."

In Web of Science

Full Text from Publisher

In PubMed

Find Full-Text

Saving / Printing Articles

  • Open the PDF of the article.

  • Once the PDF is open, you should see a toolbar in the lower-right of the screen. If you do not see it, try hovering the mouse cursor over the lower-right part of the window, and the toolbar should appear.

PDF toolbar

  • Click the icon of a floppy disk to save or the icon of a printer to print.

Emailing Articles

The best way to email an article is to download/save its PDF, log in to your email, attach the PDF to an email, and send it to whoever you'd like--including to yourself.