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Fake News

Resources and tips about fake news and how to decipher real from fake or misleading news.

Fake News Has Consequences

During the 2016 election- How was fake news shared on Facebook?

Website with Resources for Evaluating Fake News

Is This Fake News? Try the I'M VAIN Test

One option to check the reliability of a source in the I'M VAIN Test, created by IS 303 in Brooklyn, New York:

Independent Is the source independent or does it have self-interest?
Multiple Sources Does the information have multiple sources or only one?
Verifiable Is the information verifiable or just assertions?
Authoritative Is the author or source an authority on the information?
Informed Does the information list informed or uniformed sources?
Named Are the sources named or anonymous?


Resources for Evaluating Fake News

Try these PDFs that you can download and print to evaluate fake news:

Want to Test Your Fake News Checking Skills?

Want More Information?

Interested in a Fake News Workshop for you class or student group? Want to talk about fake news resources that aren't covered in this LibGuide? Contact Abby Morris at or 940-898-3758 for more help.