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Dissertation Boot Camp - 2024

Dissertation Boot Camp

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Publishing Help

The Scholarly Communication Librarian can assist faculty, students, staff and community members understand the issues related to copyright, modifying author agreements to maintain copyright, licensing, and other intellectual property issues. Our services include individual consultations, small-group workshops, and presentations on a variety of subjects.

  • Copyright: Consult with the Scholarly Communication Librarian to better understand copyright issues related to your teaching, research, or scholarship, determining fair use or public domain status, and more.

  • Publishing journal articles and your dissertation: Consult with the Scholarly Communication Librarian prior to signing your publication agreement to understand more about your rights as an author.

  • Archiving your research and data: The Scholarly Communication Librarian can help you determine the best ways to share, disseminate, and make your research content and data accessible. 

For any of the services above, please contact Amanda Zerangue,

Understanding Your Rights as an Author

Copyright is a bundle of rights. As the creator of your dissertation or journal article you have the exclusive right to do and authorize others to do the following:

1.    Reproduce your work
2.    Prepare derivatives of your work
3.    Distribute copies of your work
4.    Perform your work
5.    Display your work
6.    For sound recordings, the right to perform publicly by means of a digital audio transmission

17 U.S.C. sec. 106

Before Signing a Publication Agreement

If you have any questions about your publication agreement, contact Amanda Zerangue,

Many publisher's agreements require that you transfer all of your copyrights to the publisher, which may limit your ability to share your work. Before signing a publisher's agreement, consider what you want to do with your work, such as: 

  • Include in a dissertation or thesis
  • Share with colleagues
  • Make available to students
  • Use parts in future research projects
  • Allow colleagues to reuse part of your work in thier research projects
  • Post to a personal or departmental website
  • Post to TWU's repository