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Literature Review How to...

Before your begin


Literature Reviews can be short and concise, or they can be comprehensive and extremely detailed.

Carefully read  your  assignment instructions to gauge how comprehensive or detailed your Literature Review should be.

Structure of a Literature Review

                       Literature Review Structure


       Set up a framework for your reader so everyone is starting from the same point as you begin your discussion and review.

                 Introduction Ideas

Statement of Objective

       STATEMENT OF OBJECTIVE                

                  Statement of Objective

                                                                                          (See PURPOSES tab above to get ideas.)

Method: Description of Search Strategy

       Description of Scope & Search Strategy

                  Lit Review Method

                     Basic Literature Reviews may skip the Method section.



                 Lit Review Discussion

                     The Discussion section is the HEART of a Literature Review. Spend the majority of your time on this section.



                 Lit Review Conclusion

                    Do not bring new information into your conclusion. This section is your ultimate take-away message. The bottom line.