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Literature Review How to...

What is a Literature Review?

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Checkmark YES  A Literature Review is ...

  • A gathering of published literature on a topic for the PURPOSE OF ANALYSIS.
  • A CRITICAL SURVEY of existing published information on a topic in preparation for new original research, policy creation, grant funding, trend forecasting...
  • Can be part of a larger work such as a Dissertation or Book.
  • Can be a singular work such as a journal article.

Checkbox NO  A Literature Review is NOT ...

  • a book review or summary
  • an article review or summary
  • a group of book reviews
  • a list of related works
  • a random collection of articles
  • a random collection of research studies

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The top 10 results from a Google search: 30 votes (4.62%)
5 articles on a topic: 92 votes (14.15%)
10 articles on a single topic with analysis: 528 votes (81.23%)
Total Votes: 650