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What is...

...a subject guide?

It is a guide to help with subject-specific research by recommending databases, books, and websites related to a particular subject.

...a subject librarian?

A librarian specialized in doing research in specific subject areas. If you have a question or need research help, contact the librarian assigned to that subject.

Subject Guides

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Subject Librarians


Subject Librarian
Biology Suzi Rumohr (Email)

Denton: Stephany Compton (Email)

Houston: Nadine Bonds (Email)

Chemistry & Biochemistry Suzi Rumohr (Email)
Communication Sciences & Oral Health Dallas: Beth Ligeti (Email)
Denton: Woody Evans (Email)
Computer Science Woody Evans (Email)
Criminal Justice Woody Evans (Email)
Dance Andy Tucker (Email)
Dental Hygiene Woody Evans (Email)
Education Annita Owens (Email)
English Greg Tolle (Email)
Family Studies Andy Tucker (Email)
Fashion, Design & Merchandising Greg Tolle (Email)
Government & Political Science Greg Tolle (Email)
Health Care Administration  Dallas: Joanna Russell Bliss (Email)
Denton: Stephany Compton (Email)
Houston: Nadine Bonds (Email)
Health Promotion & Kinesiology Annita Owens (Email)
History Andy Tucker (Email)
Informatics Woody Evans (Email)
Language, Culture and Gender Studies

English: Greg Tolle (Email)

Spanish: Suzi Rumohr (Email)

Gender Studies: Jennifer Ottinger (Email)

Library & Information Studies Stephany Compton (Email)
Literacy & Learning Annita Owens (Email)
Mathematics Woody Evans (Email)
Music Andy Tucker (Email)

Dallas: Joanna Russell Bliss (Email)

Denton: Esther Garcia (Email)

Houston: Nadine Bonds (Email)

Nutrition & Food Sciences

Denton: Suzi Rumohr (Email)

Houston: José-Luis Quintero (Email)

Occupational Therapy

Dallas: Joanna Russell Bliss (Email)

Denton: Esther Garcia (Email)

Houston: José-Luis Quintero (Email)

Physical Therapy

Dallas: Beth Ligeti (Email)

Houston: José-Luis Quintero (Email)

Political Science Greg Tolle (Email)
Psychology & Philosophy Annita Owens (Email)
Reading Annita Owens (Email)
Social Work Annita Owens (Email)
Sociology Annita Owens (Email)
Speech-Language Pathology Beth Ligeti (Email)
Teacher Education Annita Owens (Email)
Theater Greg Tolle (Email)
Visual Arts Andy Tucker (Email)