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Health Care Administration: Houston

Health care administration research guide for TWU students, faculty and staff.

Manage Your Business

Find all the Management Resources you need at TWU libraries Business Resources.  Houston students have excellent local libraries at Rice University, St. Thomas University, and the University of Houston, all within a 30 minute walk, drive, or public transportation hub from our TWU campus at 6700 Fannin.  Explore your TexShare card possibilities and help share the wealth of business and management information for you in Houston!

Welcome to Houston - Business

Finding Great Information


TWU libraries at has great business resources for you when you click 'Research' on the left of the page.  Scroll down and search on Business and Business - Houston to find great information.

Find Great Articles inside the Academic Search database by putting in terms like business plan limited partnership, then narrow down to full text and the last five years, again on the left of the screen.

Write Great Papers by comparing what articles say about similar topics. Read critically to notice what is missing; did they poll older and younger customers or just one age group? Write about the differences and similarities and back up your thoughts by paraphrasing and citing the authors.

Follow Perfect Citation Style using APA 7th or other style and your RefWorks account to get the process started but check those Digital Object Identifiers closely so you will be communicating clearly.'


Local Resources

The Houston Small Business Association office can be of much help.

The University of Houston's Bauer College has great business help.

The Greater Houston Partnership has extensive business resources.

Houston superneighborhoods, census tracts and other divisions

Management Resources

Dean James R. Lumpkin


Dean James R. Lumpkin is the Dean of the College of Business and can be reached at 940.898.3005, email The College has many different programs including Undergraduate, Graduate, Internships and more.  The Health Care Administration program at Houston is part of the College.