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Grey Literature in Multicultural Women's & Gender Studies (MWGS) Research

This guide will help provide information about grey literature and resources to find grey literature that can be helpful in MWGS research.

How and Where to Search for Grey Literature

Searching for grey literature will take just a few adjustments from your regular search methods and locations. Both TWUniversal and Google Scholar contain grey literature. The internet and different search engines can lead you to a variety of grey literature resources from conferences, course material, organizations, and more. You can simply include what type of grey literature you're looking for along with the search terms for your project. For example, if my search terms are gender and cooking, and I wanted to find syllabi, which is one type of grey literature, as part of my research, I could just include the word syllabus or syllabi. When searching in TWUniversal or one of its databases, it could look like this: gender and (cook* or food) and syllabus. If I wanted to look in Google or Google Scholar, I would simply type: gender (cooking|food) syllabus. Below are some tips for searching TWUniversal and Google & Google Scholar.


Finding Grey Literature in TWUniversal

TWUniversal and its databases have ways to look for grey literature. Follow the directions below for some easy steps. Use Boolean Operators to narrow down or increase your search results.

Searching for Grey Literature in Google and Google Scholar

Google Scholar

Searching Google Scholar and locating grey material sometimes takes some extra search steps. The chart below outlines ways of helping to increase or limit the results in your search inquiry on both Google and Google Scholar. This can help narrow or increase your research results regardless if you're looking for grey literature or peer-reviewed articles. Please understand that various combinations of the suggestions can produce a variety of results. Try multiple combinations in order to find resources that will best meet your needs.