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Grey Literature in Multicultural Women's & Gender Studies (MWGS) Research

This guide will help provide information about grey literature and resources to find grey literature that can be helpful in MWGS research.

Grey Literature Resources for Multicultural Women's & Gender Studies

Multicultural Women's and Gender Studies is a multidisciplinary field and research materials can be found in many places.

"Feminist activist grey material is abundant on the Internet. In a range of ways feminists are lobbying for women’s rights through the Net, in areas such as: reproductive rights; domestic violence; women and politics; global issues; women and health; sexual harassment; and women of color." (p20)

"In considering feminist grey literature we have argued that non-commercially published material has always had an important place within feminism. This has been a necessary part of communicating women's experiences and ideas in a society where women's voices and women's writing have been suppressed." (p25)

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