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ENG 1023: Composition II

This guide will help you locate information, evaluate information, use information, and cite information.



ENG 1023 Course Guide

This ENG 1023 Course Guide contains sources for your assignments: Scholarly article databases, newspaper databases, and government websites. You can also learn about evaluating sources using the C.R.A.P. Test which analyzes sources for Currency, Reliability, Authority, and Point of View. Evaluating sources helps to give perspective to your assignments. 



A-Z Databases


Online Publications

Evaluating criteria


Use the C.R.A.P. test to evaluate information

Source: geoedtrek

Currency:  When was it written?

Reliability: Where did the information come from?
What are the sources?
Are there working links?
Are the references / sources reliable?

Authority: Who is the author?
Is there contact information?
Name? Organization?

Purpose:  Why was it published?

Primary or Secondary?

Does this source provide you with the quality information?