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ART 4903: Special Topics - Illustration

barn owl

Internet sources:

The Barn Owl Trust: Conserving the Barn Owl and its Environment. A source for barn owl habitat, photos, and facts.

Owl Research Institute>Owls>Owl ID Guide>Barn Owl: Find information on how to ID a barn owl, behavior, diet, North America locations, and listen to a short recording.


TWUniversal and Internet sources:

  • Anatomy and Skeletal System
    • Using Google Images, search "Barn Owl Anatomy" OR "Owl Anatomy Diagram" OR "Barn Owl Skeleton"
    • Enter this search string in your browser, "How do owls turn their heads", select the Video responses
  • Behavior
  • Habitat
  • Motion
    • Enter these search strings in your browser:
      • Images for "motion studies" AND "barn owls"
      • "Slow Motion Barn Owl Attack"
      • "Slow-Mo Barn Owl in Flight"
  • References
    • Enter these search strings in your browser:
      • "Owls in mythology and culture"
      • "Barn Owls" AND folklore OR legends


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