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CHEM 3713: Environmental Chemistry I

Find Articles

Library Databases

Library databases containing articles about environmental chemistry. 

SciFinder Database

The most comprehensive database for chemical literature, searchable by topic, author, or substance. Includes reactions information.

Must create an account via New Users link below. After creating an account, database may only be accessed via the Returning Users link.

Search Tips

1. Choose a database to search.

2. If available, go to the Advanced Search in the database you are using. This allows for more relevant and precise searching.

3. If available, use a Subject search term instead of a keyword. This will give you results about your topic instead of results that merely mention your search term.

  • Start with a broad/general subject search term.
  • If you have too many results, add another search term and/or use limiters (Date, Publication Type, etc.).
  • If you have too few or no results, try other search terms or use a keyword search and look for subject terms within those results that can be used in a new subject search.

4. Read abstracts and subject terms associated with the article to determine whether it will be relevant to your research.

5. If you have any trouble accessing the full-text version of an article, contact the library for assistance.

Phone: (940) 898-3701  Email: