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Disability Accommodations

Printing, Copying, and Scanning

Locations & Instructions

We offer printing, scanning, and copying in various places throughout the library. For assistance with any of these tasks, please visit the Information Desk on the first floor.  


Denton Campus:

Denton Printing
  • TWU students, faculty, and staff may print in black and white from TWU Libraries computers at no charge.
  • Printing is available on the first floor of the TWU Library in the computer area next to the Security Guard Station.
  • The Library now offers color printing. Please see a staff member at the Information Desk for assistance.
  • Mobile Printing is available in the library. Navigate to for instructions. Print jobs can be retrieved on the 1st floor.
Using GoPrint
  1. From the "File" menu on your computer, select "Print Preview" to make sure your document will print out the way you want it (e.g., landscape or portrait, etc.)
  2. Make any adjustments to your documents, then click "Print". Select BHL_Bobafett as your printer.
  3. Send as many documents as you need to the Printers. They will be saved for you to print all at once (please note that the printer accepts no more than 40 pages per print job).
  4. Go to on of the 2 GoPrint touchscreen printer kiosks on the 1st floor. Find your Portal username on the screen. Tap your name.
  5. A new screen appears, listing your print jobs. Tap the documents you want to Print. Each print job you touch will change color. [If you've decided not to print something, simply touch the unneeded print job again to return to the original color. The unneeded document will eventually disappear from the system.]
  6. Tap the bottom right of the screen where it says "Print."
  7. Each printer has been assigned a Letter Label: A, B, C, D, E. Your documents will come out at the printer noted on the touchscreen once you touch "Print.". (Please note: if the file is large, such as a PDF or PowerPoint, it may take several minutes to print. If you've been waiting a long time, come to the Information Desk on the first floor for assistance.)
Denton Printer Locations

On the first floor, the GoPrint printers are located in the computer area next to the Security Guard Station.

Denton Scanning Locations

Scanners are available on the first and third floors of the library.

  • First Floor: Computer Area offers 2 scanners (for scanning books)
  • Third Floor: Computer workstation offers 1 photo-bed flat scanner (for photos and single page documents)

Dallas Campus:

Dallas Center Photocopying

The Dallas Center Library has two photocopiers in the copy room located just inside the library.


Houston Campus:

Houston Library Scanning Location

One scanner is available for use in the Houston ARC, Room 4132.

  • Tabletop flatbed scanner located just inside the door accommodates 8 1/2 by 14 inch scans.
  • No cost. Requires TWU Pioneer Portal username and password.
  • Print scanned items to printers located in Computer Mega Lab. Printers accommodate 8 1/2 by 11 inch items only.