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The Research Process

Where to Search

The library has about 200 databases that contain academic articles, magazine articles, newspaper articles, videos, statistics, and more. To find the best information, it's important to search in a database that contains the type of information you need. Below are some tips on how to choose a good database, but you should always feel free to contact your subject librarian for advice.

Step 1: Identify your subject

What broad categories do you think your subject falls under? Nursing? Medicine? Education? Art? Psychology? Most topics fall under at least two categories.

Step 2: Find a database on that subject

To save you time, it's best to start with databases that librarians recommend. There are two ways to do this: (1) use a database recommended in a library research guide or (2) use the A-Z Databases list to sort databases by subject.

Library Research Guides

Librarians have created research guides for a variety of subjects. These guides are organized by subject, and contain recommended databases for doing research on that subject.

A-Z Databases List

On the library homepage, click the Databases A-Z List link under the "Databases" tab to view the full list of databases.

At the top of the databases list is a drop-down box labeled "All Subjects." Click on this drop-down box and select your preferred subject to see all databases on that subject. It is recommended that you start your searching in a database listed under "Best Bets" since these contain the most information.